Fashion and Law

When you think of Law and Lawyers, you can always imagine a dull gray or black penguin like outfit on a person representing themselves as a lawyer.

Times have changed and much is to be desired in the world of Law. We found that as the traditional look is starting to fade out and that a small percentage of fashion minded lawyers are entering or previously existed in the Lawyer space.

Take Fashion Justice for example, and the Lawyer genius behind its concept Pina Di Biase. Fashion Justice is a hip, trendy and a fashion forward blog that is making a difference in the Fashion for professionals and especially Lawyers. Not to mention the tens of thousands of hits the site receives.

The blog continues to inspire and captivate new audience. As a blog, Fashion Justice is a great read that offers, fashion tips, product review and much more. We found Fashion Justice to be a two thumbs up blog. Read it and love it.

More recently Pina Di Biase launched her new product service under Lash Justice

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