2016 Toronto Auto Show

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The Toronto Auto Show is upon us and it is packing a punch with a new lineup and redesigned models for the Canadian consumer to choose from.

We found that 90% of car manufacturers have put an effort in their respective displays. One of our staff favorites would have to be Jaguar.Updated pictures 189

Updated pictures 224The new lineup for Jaguar is a hit amongst visitors, both young and old alike had to wipe the droll of of their faces when they sat behind the wheel of the displayed Jaguars.

BMW was also a great exhibit as they flexed muscles with their new electric brands. Some of the hottest cars on the planet one would think.

The new Chrysler lineup was also a hit in our view, however lacked a bit of life when it came to some of the new Jeeps that were exhibited.Updated pictures 066 Chrysler and Dodge also flexed muscles with the new Charger SRT and the Viper. The new Chrysler 200 was a pleaser to sit in but the Fiat lacked life and style… Not sure that the four door model is going to set any records here, maybe if they didn’t try to make it look like a Mini, it may be a start.

The automakers have worked hard at showcasing their products, and every once in a while a person would get to shake their head as to why or whom is in charge of display set up??? Take Mitsubishi for instance, they put their full electric car in the back corner; it was difficult enough to find their both let alone their electric car, why bother showing up Mitsubishi?Updated pictures 315


Updated pictures 307We visited the GM exhibit but also found it to be blah, blah. Cadillac was a great exhibit however.

This year’s Auto Show has a great deal of focus on full electric cars, from Porsche to Hyundai back to Kia it was electric, electric, electric. Updated pictures 300

Lastly, we visited the Ford exhibit and found it to be a wonderful delight and full of amazing new designs as well as products, from the working man to the playboy, they had you covered… Way to go Ford, keep it up.

Updated pictures 243There was so much to do and very little time to do it in, so go and enjoy the 2016 Toronto Auto Show and tell them we sent you. Updated pictures 234Updated pictures 288


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